Sample Headstone Endearment Terms

What is an endearment?

An endearment is an expression of affection and love. With respect to headstones, an endearment is a short phrase that often indicates how the decedent will be remembered. Examples include "beloved son" and "husband and father".  Would you like to see what an endearment looks like when inscribed on a headstone? Click here to find out.

  1. Beloved Son
  2. Beloved Daughter
  3. Beloved Daughter and Sister
  4. Beloved Son and Brother
  5. Loving Mother
  6. Loving Father
  7. Loving Wife
  8. Loving Wife and Mother
  9. Loving Husband
  10. Loving Husband and Father
  11. Husband and Father
  12. Wife and Mother
  13. Beloved Husband and Father
  14. Beloved Wife and Mother
  15. Beloved Wife and Daughter
  16. Beloved Husband and Son
  17. Beloved Wife
  18. Beloved Husband
  19. Our Beloved Baby
  20. Beloved Father and Mother