CARING FOR Gravemarkers

Caring for A Granite Gravemarker / How to Clean A Gravemarker, Headstone, Tombstone or Monument

Periodic cleaning: Windex and paper towels can be used to clean and shine granite's polished surface.

Removing water spots: Please contact your cemetery if the granite gravemarker develops water spots from natural moisture or sprinklers. We do not recommend using cleansers or solvents to clean the stone's surface yourself; many cleansers will strip the polished surface and paint from your memorial.

Weathering of Your Granite Gravemarker

The granite gravemarker you have chosen for your loved one is a beautiful monument that will last forever. Granite is a hard, natural stone with a polished surface. It is also porous, which allows for absorption of water or rain over time. This is not a defect of the stone, but a natural characteristic.

Granite is one of the earth’s most durable materials, and so it can withstand the elements better than marble or bronze. With a durable rating of 7, granite is much harder than marble (which has a rating of 3), but not quite as hard as a diamond (rated 10). Even with very little maintenance, granite retains its natural beauty. Weather conditions will, over time, alter the appearance of the granite surface somewhat. This is a natural process and should not detract from the beauty of the stone. Your granite marker truly will last forever.